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What Our Customers are Saying

Response for FirstNet provides a regional mutual aid situational awareness platform that can be adjusted on the fly during large event or incident management. The dynamic location updates provide a powerful common operating picture. The system, as a whole, significantly improves our ability to fulfill our mission.

Steve DePue
Assistant Fire Chief, Clark County, Nevada


Ryan McKnight

Texas WestCom 911 Communications Director

Radio traffic was reduced by 80% and we were able to dispatch Fire and EMS Teams exponentially faster than ever before while using the Intrepid Response Platform.

Joe  Woznyk

Captain North Haven Police Department

Response is simple, easy to learn, low cost, and didn't require additional equipment.

John Fazio

South Florida Police Officer

Intrepid Response is so easy and quick, I can callout my entire team in the time it takes to make one phone call.

Rodney Reed

Assistant Chief, Harris County Fire Marshals Office

We downloaded the app, logged in, and were fully functional within minutes. No complaints from my team. This shows the ease of use of the Response Platform.

Matt Lee

Washington Police Officer

Customer service is excellent, and the app  is reliable.

Tommy Calabro 

Sergeant, SWAT Team Leader
Houston Police Department

The Response Platforms' Activate has proven to be the best emergency notification technology app for getting our SWAT team deployed to critical incident scenes 24/7.

Response Platform has significantly increased our capacity to understand and overcome the positioning challenges we faced. It improved our operational safety and contributed to our missions success.

Captain Jeremy Geiger, Minnesota State Patrol


Mike Conner

Oregon State Police Officer

Intrepid Response is suitable for SWAT, Narcotics, Surveillance, Mobile Field Force, and Advanced Traffic/Patrol Units. Response can also be a benefit to any integrated Response Team.

John Fetters

Mount Crab OH Police Officer

With Response I get instantaneous information from the command staff.

Chris Saunders

Currituck County NC Sheriff's Office SWAT

Our biggest benefit from Intrepid is the planning aspect and how it streamlines who’s doing what and where they need to be.


The everyday breadcrumbs have been huge. When there are complaints that police don’t patrol an area, I’m able to take a screenshot of activity and show a complainant that their concerns are being addressed. Over and above the crime reduction, this builds trust with the community.

Chief Phil Lukens, Alliance Nebraska Police Department

Lynn Smith

Texas Police Officer

Great App ... After purchasing our team licenses we contacted Intrepid Networks and they got the team set up in minutes. They performed training, provided PDFs and video tutorials for the app.

Blake Rouch

Florida Police Officer

Great app, got the team up and working in 5 minutes. Very easy to use.

Jared Cochran

Missoula County Police Officer

Customer service has been fantastic. I’ve always been able to talk to someone

personally, if there’s ever an issue.

The Response Platform is designed specifically for Public Safety operations. Other situational awareness solutions on the market are developed for military requirements first and then marketed to public safety.

Law and Order Magazine


Carl Kennedy

Royal Canadian Mounted Police

I really like the call-out activation which overrides the phone settings, along with the overall ease of use. The channels are excellent for keeping the different operations separate and easily referenced.

Michael Beath

South Florida SWAT Commander

Intrepid Response live location of all responders is a huge benefit for command staff.

Phillip Kebles

Delaware Police Officer

No nonsense activation procedure with an easy to use built in communication feature that is crucial to a successful operation.


Intrepid Response is a huge benefit at the Command Level. I have people asking me questions constantly and can easily pull up the answers through Response.

Matt Pearrson
South Florida SWAT Commander

Forrest Clevenstine

City of New Berlin Police Detective, Tactical Team, Suburban Critical Incident Team

We use Intrepid Response as our operating platform for team activations. Intrepid allows us to view and track which personnel are enroute, share notes and photos with team personnel and place markers on the screen to indicate important locations or items.

Mario Vallejos

Albuquerque NM Police Officer 

I like being able to see my squad's location in real time.

John Robeson

Prince George, MD Police Officer 

It's a great tool and fulfills our needs in one platform. 

This app is a game changer! We bought this to give us a quick and efficient way to call out our tactical teams and manage who was responding. I highly recommend this solution for any law enforcement agency.

Will Collins
TX Police Officer

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