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Getting started with Intrepid Response

Custom Colors

Markers, Shapes or Team Colors

Permissions Setting iOS

Suggested Settings

Permissions Setting Android

Suggested Settings

Report Location

Turn GPS Location On and Off

Change Channel

Move to Desired Operational Channel

Create a Mutual Aid Channel

Location On and Off

Add Map Markers

Create and Name Markers

Map Marker Attachments

Attach Items to Map Markers

Color Map Markers

Use Expanded Color Pallet

Set Activation Status

Receive Activation Alarms

Create a Mobile Activation

Call Out Team From a Mobile Device

Mobile Activation to a Marker

Call Out Team to a Marker

Activate Escalating Alarms

Set Alarm Tone

Web Map Drawing

Add Shapes to Map

Log Out of Response

Logging Out Mobile

Locate Standard Altimeter

Mobile Responder Hight Altimeter

Altimeter Search Web

View and Search Web Altimeter

Create To-Do Actions

Create New Incident To-Dos

Intrepid Connect Chat

Secure Communications 

Incident Files

Securely Share Files with Connect

Picture in Picture

Streaming Directly within Response

Need More Help or Have Questions?

Our 24/7 support team is waiting to help.

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