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Answers to our frequently asked questions.


How do I reset my password on my Response app? 

You can reset your password by contacting your Organization’s Administrator or you can click on Forgot Password located at the bottom right of the login page. This link will send a password reset link to the email associated with the user account. 


I have locked myself out due to too many attempts to log in. How do I gain access to my account? 

Go through the reset password instructions from above or contact your Organization’s Administrator.


How can I change my password? 

You can change your password while in the mobile app by selecting the center icon located by the user profile picture. If you are unable to log in, please contact your Organization’s Administrator. 


How do I access another channel while in Response? 

If your Organization’s Administrator has given access to additional channels besides General channel, you can see additional channels by selecting the “Active Channel” icon located at the top center of the mobile app. 


How do I create a map marker? 

You can create a map marker in maps by holding down the location in which you wish to place the map marker. This will prompt a map marker menu in which you can choose what type of marker. 


No other users can see the photos or texts I am sending.

Check to be sure you are on the same channel as those with which you wish to share information.


How do I find my username if I don’t remember it? 

You can contact your Organization’s Administrator for your correct username. 


How do I change my call sign? 

While in the app, click on your current icon. This will navigate you to your user profile where you can change your user icon. 


I can see other user locations on my map, but no one can see my location.

Ensure your location setting is on from the Response dashboard. The top right corner displays a GPS icon. If it is gray, your location is turned off. Touch it until it is orange. 

    Additional Steps:
   OPTION ONE: Settings>Privacy>Location Services>Response (set to Always in order to allow the app to share your position, even while in the background. Your location will stop being shared upon logout.)

    OPTION TWO: Settings>Response>Location>Always

   Settings>Biometrics and security>Location>On (We recommend “High Accuracy” or“Improve Accuracy” be turned on.)


I cannot log in to the mobile application.

    1. Ensure your password is correct (if necessary, follow the steps from the first question above).
    2. Ensure your Organization’s Administrator has assigned a subscription to you and that the subscription has not expired.
    3. Ensure your application is up to date from the App or Play Store.
    4. Ensure your device operating system is up to date.


I cannot initiate a Push-to-Talk call from Response.

    1. Ensure you have an activated PTT app.
   2. Ensure the person(s) you are attempting to call have an active PTT app.
   3. Ensure your Organization’s Administrator has correctly entered users’ phone numbers in Intrepid Admin.
   4. Ensure your Organization’s Administrator has added you to the PTT subscription in Intrepid Admin.


I am not receiving SMS or email notifications for Activate.

    1. Ensure your Organization’s Administrator has entered your phone number on your profile in
Intrepid Admin.
    2. Ensure your Organization’s Administrator has verified your email address within Intrepid Admin.


Why is the screen black when I attempt to share a picture from my iPhone?

Ensure you have provided permission for Response for FirstNet to use your camera:

    Settings>Privacy>Camera>Response (turn on)


I received a “Degraded Performance Banner” at the top of the app.

This message appears when there is an issue with Network connectivity. Check your network coverage and location.


I am unable to delete other users’ markers on the map.

Check your current role and/or have your Organization’s Administrator check your role to ensure the correct role has been assigned to you.


How do I download the Response App?

The Response for app can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play

   Select Get> Open > Enter Username and Password. Please ensure you have automatic updates set so you can receive any updates to the application.

For android users Response for be downloaded from the Google play store. Search using Response once located, select the app.

   Select install > open > allow all permissions. Once all permissions have been allowed, proceed by entering credentials.



Why can’t I delete a user that is no longer with my organization?

User may be an owner of a channel or group. They would need to assign a new user to be the owner of any channels/groups that the user they wish to delete was the owner.


How do I know/how do I check what subscriptions I have?

 Select hamburger menu top left of screen — select active subscriptions.

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