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Web-based software system enabling your agency to create, manage, and export your ICS forms more efficiently.




Spend more time on the incident and less time on paperwork.

Intrepid Reports is a powerful web-based software system enabling your agency to efficiently create, manage, and export over fourteen ICS forms and incident action plans from laptops and tablets, allowing a fully automated reporting experience with high accuracy while reducing operating costs.

Significantly reduce personnel hours (often overtime) filling out forms in a fraction of the time required for manual completion. Stop chasing down individuals to sign, submit, or finish their forms. Eliminate the time spent locating radio channels, hospitals, ambulances, and personnel resources with auto-filling fields that provide one-click information entry.

What are
ICS forms?

Incident Command System or ICS is a standardized, on-scene, all-risk incident management system for large-scale disasters, mutual aid, and planned and unplanned event management. 

What are the Benefits of ICS?

ICS allows its users to adopt an integrated organizational structure to match the complexities and demands of single or multiple incidents without being hindered by jurisdictional boundaries.

How Responders use ICS Forms.

Responders use ICS forms to create an Incident Action Plan (IAP) to define, communicate, and coordinate steps to obtain goals for the event.

Challenges with Current ICS Management & Reporting

Wasting of valuable personnel hours manually reviewing and filing multiple reports.


Reports Solution
Complete ICS forms electronically vs. manual hand-writing. Manage, review, sign off, and export the entire operational period as a PDF file for rapid FEMA submission. 

Managing team assignments, goals, and equipment.


Reports Solution
Swiftly check in resources, manage assignments, and instantly share with all team members and stakeholders. Coordinate more effectively with the live location of all personnel and assets. Add map shapes to define areas of interest or set static map markers and attach up to 6 documents for teams to access. 

Completing, tracking down, and reconciling ICS forms with accuracy and expedience. 


Reports Solution
Intrepid Reports enable supervisors to view, manage, and edit all ICS forms for an entire group or individual from any location. Auto-filling fields for critical data entry, such as personnel, vehicles, hospitals, ambulance services, radio comm tables, and page headers, reduce errors and decrease input time. 

"Information is efficiently entered once, automatically carried over operational periods, and archived for retrieval during subsequent incidents or events." 



Reports enable a fully automated planning and reporting experience.

Complete ICS forms with high accuracy in a fraction of the time it takes for manual form completion. Commanders can quickly adjust and share strategies and tactics as the situation evolves. 

  • Near Real-time auditing and automatic incident logging.

  • Unlimited number of operational periods can be configured for an incident.

  • Form-locking during user editing to eliminate lost data.

  • Auditing all form changes, including restoration of accidentally deleted records.

Get the User Guide and learn how to use each form.


Intrepid Locate

Geo-spatial solution with feature-rich mapping. Monitor the location of all personnel, tagged assets, and markers. Coordinate and collaborate more effectively during incidents while reducing radio location reporting traffic.


Mutual aid or shared channels allow agencies from different jurisdictions to combine into one common operational channel.

  • Real-time GPS location of all team members 

  • Auto-Navigate to personnel and markers. 

  • UAV drone and GPS tracker integrations 

  • Manage multiple simultaneous operations with channels. 

  • Marker Attachments — Attach up to 6 files to static markers.

Delays, gaps, and inaccuracies in communication of critical information are compounded during multi-jurisdictional incident management and mutual aid response.

Intrepid Response enables seamless real-time communication and coordination across responding agencies operating under a Unified command authority structure. Intrepid Reports rapidly and accurately creates, shares, actions, and collaboratively adapts Incident Action Plans (IAPs) throughout the mission life cycle. Rapidly changing information instantaneously gets to the right people at the right time for smart actioning.


Stop handwriting the same terms multiple times.

Upload contacts, logistics, communication, and hospital lists and use auto-filling fields to complete ICS forms faster.


BONUS: Time and date stamp headers automatically added to all docs.

Reports Advantages

Reduces personnel hours filling out ICS forms before, during, and after the incident.


Swiftly check-in and assign resources for planned and unplanned events.


Editing, managing, exporting, and sign-off of forms is automated for rapid reimbursement submission.


Increase form accuracy through auto-filling fields for one-click data entry.


Create an unlimited number of operational periods for an incident.


Download a collated PDF file of all ICS forms entered during an incident.

Intrepid Locate Advantages

Decrease response times, reduce radio traffic, enhance team situational awareness, and increase responder safety.


Monitor the location of all personnel, tagged assets, and markers in near real-time.


Mutual aid shared channels allow agencies from different jurisdictions to combine into one common operational channel for planned and unplanned events.


Attach multiple images and ICS/IAP documents to map markers.


201 • 202 • 203 • 204 • 205 • 205a • 206 • 207 • 208 • 209 • 211 • 213RR • 214 • 221 • 
Preliminary Damage Assessment Site Estimate • Street Damage Assessment

Get the User Guide and learn how to use each form.

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