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Intrepid Response Enabled Southern Regional Response Group to Reduced Response Times.

What You’ll Learn

  • How to Dramatically Decrease Response Times.

  • How to Communicate, Collaborate and Coordinate Effectively.

  • How to Enhance Situational Awareness and Responder Safety.



Southern Regional Response Group's needed to reduce critical incident response times while simplifying the team mobilization process, which typically involved multiple phone calls. In one example, the notification was delayed by as much as 30 minutes — far too long in rapidly evolving situations that need up-to-the-minute information.


The Southern Regional Response Group (SRRG), a tactical law enforcement group needed a faster way to mobilize its 40-person tactical team spanning 11 cities — they deployed Intrepid Response.


Using Intrepid Response, the SRRG has significantly accelerated response notifications. "Our response times have absolutely gotten lower," says Lewis. "The previous system could take 20–30 minutes to send a notification, so we'd have a massive delay." Intrepid Response is nearly instantaneous.

"As a Commander, I can easily pull up Intrepid Response, add the information I need, and send it to the entire team."

Lieutenant Mike Lewis, Assistant Commander Special Response Team, Southern Regional Response Group

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