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Welcome to Intrepid Response

Thank you for your purchase.

Please Review our Onboarding Process.

Step 01

A welcome email will be sent to new customers with the following information.

1. A detailed list of license count by module that they have purchased and/or are trialing.

2. Subscription period start and stop date.

3. See the attached User and Password set up doc to get a link to set up date and time for training.
4. 24/7 Support contact information.

5. Intrepid Point of contact email address.

Step 02

Define and fill out the following:

1. Insert User and Password details for all participants and return completed form to Intrepid Networks.
2. Identify the Admin or Point of Contact in your organization. 

Step 03

You will receive a Confirmation Statement stating that user names and passwords with their access roles/permissions have been setup as per request. 

Temporary passwords should be changed at the earliest convenience. File with user names/passwords will be attached as an encrypted file, password to be sent separately. Also state that they will learn how to add / modify users during their training.


Training Day is defined and confirmed. (Performed within 14 days of purchase.)

Schedule Training with Intrepid Networks


We're here for you. Contact our Customer Support Team 24/7.

Still need help or have questions?

Is this an Urgent Matter?
Are you a Organization Admin?

Thanks, our Customer Team will get back to you shortly.

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