With improved Situational Awareness your agency
can immediately reduce deaths, minimize liability risk
and increase operational precision.


The Over-Dependence on
Voice Communications

Voice communication is very reliable but extremely restrictive. Limited by language, perception, stress, and multiple users squeezed through a single channel. Shorten and improve the communication loop by visually exchanging descriptions, maneuvers and locations – eliminate frequent information rebroadcasts.

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Step 2

The Importance of Sharing Essential
Information Quickly

Operators struggle to get more information when they need it most. Attempting to observe, orient, decide and act (OODA loop) without data – is hard enough for one person under stress and compounded with a team. Instantaneously share real-time knowledge to turn a mass casualty event into a triumph of Public Safety operations.


The Maintenance and Distribution of a
Common Operating Picture

Notepads, white boards, sticky notes, grease pens and memorization – all inadequate tools to maintain a Common Operating Picture (COP). Suffering from human error, manual updating and availability only in one location. Share a real-time electronic COP with everyone to improve decision making because your team must make the right decisions.

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Step 4

Composing Accurate Reports can be
a Pain in the Ass

Photographic memories aren’t standard issue - errors can have a negative impact in court. Difficult to recount all actions and cohesively pull all data together, especially after the adrenaline has worn off. Automate report creation and store metadata of all information to reduce frustration and report fatigue all while effortlessly increasing accuracy.


The Difficulty of Achieving Interoperability

Multi-jurisdictional responses are difficult to organize. Disjointed as a result of dissimilar radios, multiple COPs and an inability to share critical information amongst all responding organizations. Show up at the scene with technology that is ready to interoperate without requiring technical voodoo from an IT shaman.

Step 5

Our Mission is to improve the decision-making
and coordination within Public Safety agencies through
the use of cutting-edge mobile and web software.

Picture of phones

The STING® Tactical Suite

We’ve developed a suite of mobile and web applications that immediately improve situational awareness and intelligence sharing for your agency. The system is designed to operate with existing commercial wireless devices as well as next generation tactical radios. The mobile apps are built for both iOS and Android operating systems while the web applications can be utilized with any modern browser.

STING® is designed specifically for law enforcement operations. Other situational awareness solutions on the market are developed for military requirements first and then retrofitted for Public Safety. Your agency deserves a product designed exactly for your needs.

STING® Mobile

The workhorse of the suite - integrating officer positions and information gathering into a single mobile application. Create a live common operating picture (COP) for the entire team to view. Utilize an officer list, road/satellite map and radar for greater context and situational awareness. Each officer’s respective position-tracking can be adjusted or turned off at any time.

Photo, text and voice-to-text notes are collected and shared easily among the team. All information is geo-tagged and time-stamped for unparalleled accuracy. Receive notifications as information is shared with you and effortlessly view all captured data in chronological order. After deletion, data is not archived to prevent undesired retrieval. The app is suitable for SWAT, narcotics, vice, surveillance, mobile field force and advanced traffic/patrol units. STING® Mobile can also benefit any integrated response team.

Picture of map

STING® Command

This web application is ideal for command posts, incident command centers, surveillance and command/control positions. Map the locations of all officers, using tablets, PCs or laptops, with road and satellite view options. A scrollable user roster is incorporated to know who is operational and quickly find a particular officer. Utilize Google Maps’ Street View and 3D/tilt renderings to gain additional perspectives. Easily record end to end operations for evidence, training or debriefings.

Picture of Sting Notebook

STING® Notebook

All information collected or shared by other STING® Mobile users is managed within this web application. Watch a live data feed or review information later for training, evidence submission and after action reports (AAR). Utilize date/time and Geo-spatial based views for new perspectives on your data. Create reports of data collected for a single operation, a daily log or collected over time on a surveillance mission. This solution is ideal for command posts and incident command centers and can be utilized in the office or in your vehicle to create reports and analyze all intelligence.

Picture of Sting Admin

STING® Administration

User accounts for your agency’s tactical suite are created and managed here. Easily update user information, roles and authorization. This web application can be managed by either an internal IT professional or a chosen team delegate.

Picture of map
Covert Ghost users will be represented on the STING Command map

Additional STING® Products for Covert Public Safety Operations

We’ve developed additional applications for enhanced awareness during covert or undercover operations. They can integrate seamlessly with the STING® Tactical Suite or function as standalone systems.

STING® Ghost

A mobile application that, once activated, covertly transmits real-time information to the rest of the team. All STING Tactical users within the agency will be able to view the locations and other information of the Ghost users via STING® Command or Mobile. Closely monitor CIs, captors, hostages and other people-of-interest, both in the field and at a command post. Use STING® Ghost as a bait tool in high crime areas to find, identify and catch robbery suspects.


A mobile and web application that can covertly transmit and share conversations of interest with multiple users. With the mobile app, you can transmit or listen to live conversations from other enabled devices. The web application allows your team to record and listen to conversations on any PC or tablet. Complete audio files are also temporarily stored on the recording smartphone in the event of an unavailable wireless data connection. Useful for undercover operations and negotiation scenarios.

Picture of Active Alert

SWARM: Instant Emergency Response

A mobile and web solution allowing personnel to instantly alert First Responders to a crisis situation. The system is ideal for law enforcement agencies reacting to active shooters within K–12 schools or university campuses. SWARM is also useful to any public or private team reacting to explosions, suspicious packages, natural disasters, life threatening medical issues or other emergencies.

Quickly determine the nature of the emergency, locate personnel and evacuate them — even while inside a building, where satellite GPS is poor. An innovative location solution determines the precise positions of indoor users. A real-time, secure communication interface is also established between those in danger and responding forces. The system can complement (and sometimes replace) alternative emergency protocols, such as armed guards, fences, barricades, access control and wired alarm systems.

Today's Public Safety budgets are extremely challenged
to obtain new solutions for modern threats. Existing systems
can not meet these emerging needs.

The Price of Situational Awareness

Public Safety budgets have been steadily decreasing over the last five years. As a result, there is limited funding for new technology. Unfortunately, IEDs/bombs, hostile protests, active shooters and large-scale infrastructure emergencies have become more prevalent. Agencies need to adapt because existing systems can not meet these new threats.

How We Can Help

Our company can assist you in navigating all of these significant challenges. We provide several flexible pricing options for our products and if necessary, we can also assist you with solutions to obtain mobile devices for your team. A limited operating budget does not have to prevent you from saving lives. Here are a few budget friendly ideas:

  1. Low Cost Deployments: For as little as $1,000, the STING software suite can be deployed to small teams within your organization. These teams can gain initial tactical capability, which later, can be used to justify the value of larger deployments to your decision makers.
  2. Asset Forfeiture Funds: Our systems qualify as a technology upgrade by federal mandates when using forfeiture funds for acquisition. Many departments are using this financial resource for our products.
  3. Public Safety Grants: Our products satisfy a core federal mandate to improve critical communications and provide interoperability. There are over 15 federal grants and several other private grants that our technology is eligible for. The Department of Homeland Security alone has increased the total amount of grant funding for public safety organizations to $1.5 Billion for this year. STING is listed on the FEMA Authorized Equipment List (AEL/SEL), making it eligible for grant funding.
Picture of Computer

Federal Grants

Our technology represents the next generation of capabilities that will be required to respond to any critical threat or emergency. The ability to seamlessly provide multi-jurisdictional functionality raises the value of your grant application as compared to other submissions. We also provide a proprietary grant assistance program to our customers which further increases the opportunity of gaining funding. Our team has helped numerous agencies use the grant process to obtain critical technology - and we can help your agency too.

Acquisition Flexibility

We have several flexible financial structures to meet any procurement policy. Intrepid Networks offers both one-time purchase and subscription options for our products. Long-term contracts are available for any subscription and additional support plans you require. We also offer both cloud and on-premises solutions for our software.

Top-Notch Technical Support

Our Guardian Angel Service provides the highest level of customer support in the industry. Utilize our cloud service for both purchase and subscription options. Our service includes everything you require: updates, maintenance, unlimited data storage, secure external management of the software as well as training. Leave the technical details of managing your technology to us so you can concentrate on your operations.

Our mission is to provide unprecedented Situational Awareness
capabilities for Public Safety organizations. We develop revolutionary
mobile and cloud solutions for use in dynamic, high threat operations.

Who We Are

Here at Intrepid Networks we are group of professionals that understand the mission of Public Safety - it is our mission as well. Our team has significant expertise developing operational software for tactical users. Skills include wireless, intelligence, tactical operations, design thinking, system architecture, software engineering and product management.

Our first product, the STING® (Shared Tactical Intelligence) Tactical Suite, was first deployed in March 2012 and is in use today by law enforcement agencies nationwide. Our team continues to add new capabilities and features to this system. We are also developing new Situational Awareness products for school safety, tactical dispatch and undercover operations. These applications can be utilized independently or as additional integrated elements to the STING® Tactical Suite.

About Our Company

Intrepid Networks started operations in 2009 and officially incorporated in 2011. We are a private corporation with offices in Orlando, Florida and Eugene, Oregon. Our select partners, like us, are committed to improving Public Safety capabilities.

Our Development Advantages

  • » Insight into the user’s environment
  • » A user-centric development process
  • » Design for an intuitive and simple user experience
Picture of writing on a chalkbard

We look for talented, self-motivated individuals
that not only play well with others but produce their
best work in a team environment.

Specializing in Innovation

Our design-thinking and agile development drives our innovation and is essential to our business strategy. We actively encourage novel ideas among our team because unique solutions come from the collaboration of specialists. As our company grows, our process continues to improve but our foundation will always be the production of effective and intuitive user experiences.

Safety and Security through Modern

First-Responders and other Public Safety personnel are important assets to our society. Improving the effectiveness of their operations will improve their ability to keep themselves and the community safe. Our products revolutionize Situational Awareness, Tactical Effectiveness and Intelligence Sharing in dangerous conditions.

A Collaborative Environment

We look for talented, self-motivated individuals that produce their best work in a team environment. We have a very flat internal hierarchy to facilitate natural collaboration and rapid decision making. Exceptional performance is our objective but our environment is very open and casual. We offer some flexibility in your everyday schedule and work environment to enable an integrated work-life balance.

Great Compensation for Great Innovation

Our compensation is very competitive. We provide an excellent salary and benefits package and offer company equity for all employees. Plus, with low housing costs, zero state income tax and year-round fun-in-the-sun, Orlando is a great city to look for your next home.

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