Communicate, Collaborate, Coordinate.

Fire & EMS personnel require a mission-critical solution that’s easy to use and extremely dependable in times of need. They also require a platform that can interoperate with other public safety agencies for large scale incidents and special events, including law enforcement and second responders. The Intrepid Response platform provides a situational awareness system that can provide real-time connectivity to all agencies. With instant communications, advanced mapping, emergency notifications/team mobilization, and rapid, secure multimedia sharing for a single individual or the entire team. In use across the USA for day-to-day and emergency operations.


Radio traffic was reduced by 80% and we were able to dispatch teams exponentially faster. 


Communication Supervisor,
using the Intrepid Response Platform

Intrepid Response Platform Overview

The Response platform is a low-cost simple-to-use web and mobile situational awareness platform for day-to-day and emergency operations. Mapping, Information Sharing, Team Mobilization, Emergency Notification, and Push-to-Talk voice communications all in one easy to use and deployable solution.

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Response Times

Decrease response times and minimize radio traffic during emergencies.


and Share

Manage multiple ongoing operations and share secure information instantly with individuals or the entire team.



Condense common tools in one simple-to-use platform for unparalleled situational awareness for any operation.


Provide interoperability among disparate teams and organizations.


Intrepid Response: Dashboard

Communicate Collaborate and Coordinate.

The Response platform is a low-cost simple-to-use web and mobile situational awareness platform for day-to-day and emergency operations.

Push-to-Talk Integration


Intrepid Response: Locate

Live location of all team members.

Geospatial solution with feature-rich live mapping, view all personnel, tagged assets, markers in real-time.

Directions to Personnel/Markers

Manage Multiple
Simultaneous Operations

Create Custom Map Markers

Define Areas of Interest


Intrepid Response: Activate

Activate your entire team in just a few clicks.

A simple-to-use emergency notification and response team mobilization tool.

Persistent and Loud Notifications

Accept or Decline Call-Out

Turn-by-Turn Directions

Call-Out Details



Intrepid Response: Activate

Now activate your entire team from your mobile device.

Set Vital Details


Activate and Monitor

Select Your Team


Intrepid Response: Connect

Secure sharing of digital content on demand.

A multi-layered collaborative workspace that provides secure team communications and sharing of digital content on demand.

Secure Communications

Instant Messaging

Multi-Media Sharing

Task Management


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