Top-Notch Technical Support

Utilize our cloud service for both purchase and subscription options. Our service includes everything you require: updates, maintenance, unlimited data storage, secure external management of the software as well as training. Leave the technical details of managing your technology to us so you can concentrate on your operations.

Some of the Support We Provide

  • Software Updates and Maintenance
  • Unlimited Data Storage
  • Secure External Software Management
  • Training and Integration

Financial Support

Our products are listed on the FEMA Authorized Equipment List (AEL/SEL), making them eligible for public safety grant funding. Our team has helped numerous agencies integrate critical technology through the grant process.

More About Financial Options

Frequently Asked Questions

My budget is completely destroyed however I want to purchase STING, what can I do?
Forfeiture funds can be used as STING qualifies for a technology upgrade. While grants are on the decline, there are still a large number of Federal grants available for our product, in addition to several private, corporate and nonprofit grant opportunities.
If I don't have an agency issued smartphone because my agency can't afford the devices and data plans, what can I do?
We have several teams using personal phones given the minimal data usage and the fact we do not store data on the phone permanently. Also, forfeiture funds and grants can cover the cost of smartphones and service plans when written as a technology system with STING.
How difficult will it be to incorporate the STING Suite into our agency?
STING requires either minimal or no support from your IT staff to begin operation and no follow-up requirements are necessary. Users are able to intuitively understand STING immediately and begin using the product quickly, often without training.
There are other GPS tracking solutions on the market, how is this different?
STING is not a tracking solution, but a situational awareness system. STING also provides the capability to rapidly collect and share information, which you can access after an operation for use as AARs, a case attachment or stand alone evidence. Location of users is only 10% of what STING does.
Is the STING Suite sold only to Public Safety or can it be used by the general public?
Yes, the STING Suite is only sold to Public Safety and no, the public does not have access.
Who are the employees of Intrepid Networks and where is the STING Suite developed?
All employees of Intrepid Networks are background checked and many have held / do hold federal security clearances. Currently all employees are U.S. citizens and all work is done only in the U.S. We do not outsource code development.
How did you determine how to price the STING Suite?
We price STING based on many factors, primarily the cost of overhead, updates, support and maintenance of the platform. With that in mind, we also examine what it will take to continue to drive innovation to the Public Safety community with new applications and features. However, we recognize that operational budgets are very difficult it today's climate so first and foremost, we will provide a low cost solution for our First Responders. Our pricing is generally much lower than other Public Safety and enterprise software products.
My agency does not like purchases that require recurring fees. Is there a purchase option?
Absolutely. We have an on-premises purchase option that includes one year of remote updates, upgrades, support and maintenance. Additional years can also be included in the upfront acquisition.
Where is the information stored?
The information is stored in our cloud servers which are only located in the United States for our U.S. clients. We have additional options for international customers by using an on-premises solution or cloud servers located in your geographic region.
Who in the company has access to the information?
Only our cleared database managers can access the information.
Who else has purchased it?
We have several customers across the United States including Federal, State, County and Municipal agencies. Customer references can be provided upon request.
Can we get a referral or talk to another agency using the product?
Yes, we can certainly provide several referrals of active users upon request.
Does the STING Suite require a particular data carrier or device?
No. STING will work on any carrier or Wi-Fi solution that has active network access. We have Android and iOS versions, also which work together. In addition, mixed devices on different carriers is also acceptable.
Is the STING Suite secure?
STING uses encrypted communication protocols to send and receive data over the cellular or WiFi link. The accounts utilize next generation token security techniques to protect the data and the server is protected by the same robust firewall appliance that banks use to protect their data and the applications. No system can ever say they can not be compromised however we sustain a very high degree of security given the data we protect.
How long has the STING Suite been available?
STING has been available in beta form since 2011 and was first launched into production for the Motorcycle team at the Longwood, FL Police Department in March 2012.