The STING Suite is a suite of mobile and web applications that can greatly improve situational awareness and intelligence sharing in your agency.

The STING Suite is Designed for Law Enforcement, Fire & Rescue and Emergency Medical Services. These include special operations users such as SWAT, Narcotics/Vice Teams, Emergency Management Operations, Event Security, Smoke Jumpers, Advanced Traffic/Patrol Groups and Mobile Field Forces.

STING 7.0 Demo and Overview

Receive a real-time common operating picture either in the field or within a command post, operations center or the EoC.

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Collect, analyze and distribute information plus view a real-time intelligence feed in an automated, easy-to-use system.

STING Mobile

The key technology where field data is received, reviewed, collected and transmitted by First Responders in the field on smartphones and tablets.

The workhorse of the suite - integrating First Responder live positions and information gathering into a single mobile application. Create a live common operating picture (COP) for the entire team to view. Utilize a personnel list, road/satellite map and radar for greater context and situational awareness. Each First Responder’s respective position-tracking can be adjusted for battery life or turned off at any time.

Available for:

Photo, text and voice-to-text notes are collected and shared easily among the team. All information is geo-tagged and time-stamped for unparalleled accuracy. Receive instant notifications as information is shared with you.

Data is never stored permanently on the mobile device and is immediately uploaded upon collection. As a result, STING can be used on personal devices if necessary and the integrity of the data is indisputable.

Designed to support both small and large operations for any dynamic event.

STING Command

A large map and roster based Common Operating Picture which allows users on PCs, laptops or tablets to have full geographic visibility plus command and control capability of all assets on the operation.

STING Command is ideal for command posts, operations centers, EoCs or merely any supervisor managing operations for a laptop.

Utilize Google Maps’ street view and 3D/tilt renderings to gain additional perspectives. Easily record end to end operations for evidence, training or debriefings.

STING Notebook

An automated, real time data review system for actionable intelligence which also allows users to easily create daily logs and customized reports.

All information collected and shared by all STING Mobile users is managed within STING Notebook. Watch a live data feed or review information later for training, evidence submission and after action reports (AAR). View collected data by date, time and location captured.

This web application is ideal for command posts, operations centers or the EoC during live operations. Also utilize STING Notebook after operations in the officer or your vehicle to create reports and analyze data for future needs.

STING Administration

User accounts for your agency are created and managed here. Easily update user information, roles and authorization.

This web application can be managed by either an internal IT professional or a chosen team delegate.

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STING Negotiate Kit

Wireless Throwphone Solution

Picture of tool kit

The kit is designed to provide all the capability required for integrating into existing hostage negotiator infrastructure or stand up as an independent solution. The kit includes:

  • STING® Negotiate software
  • Water/impact resistant case
  • One Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 tablet
  • KYDEX® Throwhone Jacket
  • Noise Cancelling Headset
  • Multiport USB chargers
  • Two, Three or Four Ultra-Rugged Sonim XP7 Android smartphones

STING Negotiate Mobile App

Mobile App Icons

STING Negotiate is an advanced throwphone solution that simplifies law enforcement operations and provides superior intelligence for your team. Great for both typical negotiation team operations and operations in remote locations without any tactical infrastructure.

  • Quickly setup and deploy without significant tactical resources
  • Unlimited range for negotiators and other personnel
  • Integrates with most popular wired throwphone consoles
  • Excellent battery life - able to utilize one device for most operations

Throwphone Features

Image of a mobile phone

The throwphone is the heart of the STING Negotiate solution and will operate on both standard commercial cellular or Firstnet/Public Safety grade LTE networks.

  • Ultra-rugged Sonim XP7 smartphone that can be thrown into operational area
  • Only negotiators can call, text or answer the throwphone
  • Throwphone is locked to disable access to apps, the Internet and any communication with non-negotiators
  • Monitor throwphone motion with SMS alerts
  • Utilize STING® Negotiate software to obtain additional law enforcement intelligence

For undercover and surveillance teams, we have created a tailored suite of integrated capabilities that includes cellular body wire replacements, tracking devices and other covert equipment.

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