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Our products have received stellar reviews from the field and obtained an average score of 4.77 out of 5.00 from the National Tactical Officers Association.

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Success Stories

Oregon State Police

The Oregon State Police have been STING users for over three years. STING has been effectively utilized in many dynamic operations. For more information about a manhunt in February 2014 that was successfully concluded with STING, click the link below.

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Regional Southeastern Narcotics Team

"We have used STING many times but one of the first times that we used it with great success was the delivery of a kilo of cocaine. During this operation we utilized the STING Undercover Suite.

We were able to monitor our undercover during the delivery with audio and GPS. I was also able to provide updates to the surveillance units and move surveillance units to better coordinate the arrest.

The notes on STING allowed me to decrease radio traffic while keeping everyone updated. This operation led to the seizure of a kilo of cocaine and the arrest of the suspect."

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Articles and Reviews

Our Products have been reviewed by many leading public safety publications.

Intrepid Networks’ “STING” Police Technology

... I’m an old school cop, but I was impressed with what this type of technology offers the future of law enforcement. Thin Blue Line

Intrepid Networks' STING Mobile App

STING... is suitable for SWAT, narcotics, vice, surveillance, mobile field force and advanced traffic/ patrol units. STING can also benefit any integrated response team. Law and Order Magazine - pg. 22